Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wife Likes Men Wearing Panties

My wife makes me wear panties 24/7. When she takes me panty shopping, she says to me, right in front of the girl at the lingerie department, "Oh, these are going to look cute on you! Aren’t they pretty?" The sales girls seem to get a kick out of it. When we get home, she makes me model them. Then she invites her best friend over, and they take turns spanking me. Her friend always put a bra on me. Then, they force me to play with myself as they tease me and call me names. I love it! My panties are so pretty! Click on my picture for more pictures of me dressed sexy playing with my wife.

Woman Who Like Guys Wearing Pantyhose

Me and my wife love wearing pantyhose together. There is no better feeling than having your wife or girlfriend slip some pantyhose over your legs and cock and then rub herself against you. You will cum so hard through your pantyhose. We post pictures all the time at this site for guys into panties, lingerie, and pantyhose its a great site to meet and see other who love to wear pantyhose.

Woman Sucking Men Wearing Panties

Amy pulled his pink nylon panties up his leg and over his erection. Her smile growing wider as the tent in his panties grew firmer and bigger. She would have that lovely cock in her mouth very soon but for this moment she wanted to admire and taste with it's panty gift wrapping.
She open her mouth wide to accomdate the swollen head of his cock. Her lips tighen around hime and she could feel the nylon panty material sliding between her lips and deep into her mouth. Soon he would be spurting and splashing his come onto her tounge.

Woman Dressing Men In Panties

Have you ever wanted a woman to dress you in panties and play with your cock? I think about it all the time. I love looking down and seeing a woman pull up my panties, up and over my hard cock.

First Time Seen In Women's Panties

Met this girl at the bar and had a couple drinks. I got brave and leaned over and told her I was getting hard thinking about seeing her in her panties. She smiled and said “Really?” “Really” I told her and turned my body toward her and looked down at my crotch. Her eyes followed mine and I know from where she was sitting she could see the head of my cock just barely peeking out of my panties. She kept her eyes on my pantied cock for a long time and that made me even harder. She looked up, smiled and slowly spread her legs. She was wearing a short skirt so I knew I would soon see her panties. Suddenly she picked up a pen and dropped it on the floor inbetween us and said “Pick it up, but take your time, get a good long slow look at my panties”.The bar was empty so I took my sweet time looking up her skirt. She was wearing white nylon panties that fully covered her crotch with just a hint of lace at the legs. When I was ready for more I sat back up and she said, with legs still spread, “Let’s go for a ride in my van”. She was the first woman who ever saw me in panties, it took me years to get the courage up to show a woman my desire for wearing panties and what a great experience it was, wished I had not waited so long.

Women Having Sex With Crossdressers

As crossdressers one of the things we crave most is to be dressed and sexual with women. We all know that there are many women out there that think that crossdressers are fun, cute and sexy and they love to have sex with us but it can be difficult to find them. I met a woman named laura on this site for guys into panties I have been going to for years, she loves crosdressers and she loves playing with them. She especially enjoys playing with their cocks in their pretty panties. There are many regular woman who visit that site, luckily I was able to find one that was not to far of a drive away, and well worth the drive she was, we continue to get together and she now wants to find another crossdresser for us to play with.